Thursday, October 4, 2012

Here are the pictures that goes with the previous post!!

What a busy day!!

My day started off with killing 17 flies!! Yes 17! I had killed 10 flies before the kids came into the room and 7 flies while I was teaching reading!

We did a small unit all about bats this week and today we finished up the last part. A bat can eat up to 600 Mosquitos in one hour. So I put my kids into groups of three and they had to cut out 100 Mosquitos and glue them onto a paper plate. Each group worked as a team and had to try to find the fastest way to cut and glue them.

All of the teachers are decorating their classroom doors for Halloween. They are all looking so good! So I made mine into my favorite Halloween song, The purple people eater!! My students all made people eaters too!

After that we made monster glyphs for our hallways. We listened the monster mash and purple people eaters all afternoon while working hard on our monsters.

I have pictures of all of these projects but I am still trying to figure out how to add my pictures to my post!