Monday, January 16, 2012

Trying to blog

So as you can probably tell I think I am much better at being a blog stalker than being an actual blogger.  One I spend all of my time reading everyone else blog I forget to write on my blog.  Two I spend so much time reading other blogs that I haven't had a chance to even learn how to have a good  really cool blog.  It truely is my goal to have this whole thing figured out by the end of this year, okay the end of the summer.  I need to be realistic!! 

I hope everyone is enjoying thier extra day off.  I am, however this is day 5 for me since we had snow days last Thursday and Friday.  Now I'm going to go look for some last minute MLK ideas, 100 days of school ideas, ground hogs day ideas, and valentines ideas.  So I will be doing some major blog stalking today :)